Sunday, April 26, 2009

DWR Champagne Chairs On Tour!

This past Tuesday, April 21st, my husband and I visited the Minneapolis DWR studio to check out the 50 champagne chairs "on tour," one of them being mine! (in the photo above) This is the third year that I have had one of my chair designs chosen to go on tour. (Check out my previous entries on my portfolio page)

I was never into sports in high school, and me as a cheerleader would have been disastrous, so this is about as close as I've ever come to being on the top of the pyramid.

Here are a few photos from the show...

There was another Minnesota-designed chair, and his was also on top of another pyramid:

Here are a few more chair shots...

The "Spring 2009" chair by Gavri Slasky won popular vote:

This "Grape Divine Chair" by Tony Nemyer won "DWR Staff Pick:"

Jesse Menayan's "Kub Armchair" won "Judges Pick:"

It's always fun to see the winning entries and marvel at their feats miniature craftsmanship!
The top 50 chairs are still on tour through May 15th, so check out the schedule here and see if it's coming to a DWR studio near you!

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